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Track 1A - Health Workplace of the Future

Becky Baron, Vice President, Advisory Services, HKS
Kim Brown Sims, Leadership Consultant, KBS Leadership Consulting
Scott Cooper, Managing Partner, InveniasPartners

Key Elements of Presentation:


HKS: Connecting Strategy to Experience to Space to Balancing the real estate portfolio

  • What has the pandemic crisis taught us about health system market strategy?
  • Where are health systems focused in order to move on, post-crisis?
  • How is this knowledge impacting space need and design?
  • Balancing the real estate portfolio

KBS Leadership Consulting: The operational and management aspects and training

InveniasPartners: The recruitment and retention of candidates

  • How has COVID shifted candidate preference and expectations around remote work?
  • Recruiting and retaining top talent in a hybrid workforce: Opportunity or Challenge?
  • Recruiting for the future of work: What skills will be in demand for the hybrid workforce?
  • How to increase workforce diversity and gender equity post-pandemic


Track 2A - Collaboration Kaleidoscope: Exploring Multiple Perspectives throughout Healthcare Planning, Design, and Construction

Lindsey Brackett CHC, President and Co-Founder, Legacy FM


4 Learning Outcomes

This session will enable attendees to:

  1. Identify opportunities to engage cross-functional stakeholders throughout the planning, design, and construction process
  2. Describe the operational, financial, and cultural benefits to a collaborative team
  3. Implement proactive strategies that leverage team collaboration and input to mitigate project and operational risks
  4. Proactively engage and educate hospital staff, especially end-users and frontline personnel, on PCRA, ICRA, ILSM, and other construction-related activities


Session Description

Do you remember playing with a toy kaleidoscope as a child? There was something magical about how the vessel didn’t change, the fragments within it didn’t change, and yet with each turn, a completely new perspective was revealed. Imagine sitting in a planning, design, and construction (PDC) meeting, and you’ll notice this same pattern. The hospital doesn’t change, the individual departments within it don’t change, and yet with each turn around the conference table, a new perspective is revealed. These unique perspectives are exactly why team collaboration, engagement, and commitment are vital to the success of any healthcare PDC project. The earlier the collaboration process begins and the more consistently that stakeholders are engaged, the more successful the project will be post-occupancy. This session explores opportunities to promote project team collaboration, the operational, financial, and cultural benefits of a collaborative team, and practical tips for engaging and training staff on PCRA, ICRA, ILSM, and other construction-related activities. 


1B - Skill Building | How to Give Feedback

Deborah Grayson Riegel, Leadership Communication Instructor, Wharton & Columbia Business School instructor; Harvard Business Review columnist; keynote speake


As critical as feedback is, most leaders rarely receive it and have little idea how to effectively deliver it. In this interactive session, you will learn why both positive and negative feedback is vital to your own and others’ development, how to mitigate gender and other forms of bias in giving feedback, the 5 C’s of effective feedback, and a simple structure for giving feedback that really resonates, drives behavior change, and strengthens professional and personal relationships.


Track 2B - Skill Building | Defining Success: What Success Really Means and How We Get There

Stacy Wood, Intentional Success Consultant, Through the Woods Consulting


At age 40 I was preparing to walk away from a successful career to follow an alternative path, ignoring the general advice insisting that my stable and lucrative career was ideal. Instead, I chose to embark on a journey to define success on my own terms, while living a more intentional life.

Over the decades society has defined for us what it means to be a “successful woman”.  In the 50’s it was having a clean house, cooking the best meals, and raising well-mannered children. Today it means climbing the corporate ladder, while raising a family and being dedicated to a high-profile volunteer role… in addition to hosting Pinterest-Perfect holidays and running soccer carpools!

Chasing “success” can be exhausting and debilitating.  Worse, it can leave us unfulfilled if we are not pursuing our OWN definition of success.  Defining success must be an intentional and personal process; true success (the kind that resonates with your soul) is different for every-single-person. Beyond one’s personal process, great leaders embrace this concept and help their teams to identify and pursue intentional success. 

And so the question is, how will you break free from the rat-race and learn to focus on your unique path?

This poignant keynote (or workshop) will leave the audience empowered to truly examine their goals and choices in life.  As women are currently being pulled in so many directions, we must begin to be honest with ourselves and craft clear intentions if we hope to find a true version of success.


  1. Specifically define your own version of success; be clear on what you want to achieve in life.
  2. Understand what is holding you back; deal with fear, confidence, and other self-limiting beliefs/behaviors.
  3. Create a solid plan to achieve your intentionally designed goals.


By attending the Women in Healthcare Regional LeadHERship Summit offered by Women in Healthcare, Inc. participants may earn up to  6.5 ACHE Qualified Education Hours toward initial certification or recertification of the Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives (FACHE) designation.