Organization Award Nomination

The Organization Award recognizes an organization for an initiative, program, or other support they have implemented that align with the mission of WIH. Membership in WIH is not a requirement to win.

Who is eligible?

Companies connected to the healthcare industry, either as healthcare organizations, vendors, or nonprofits, who have at least one member in Women in Healthcare, who are spending resources on bettering their communities in which they live and work.

Submission Criteria:

  • Female representation – number of employees, numbers of female employees, number of leadership positions, number of females in leadership positions, number of board positions, number of board positions held by women, recent initiatives to increase the number of women in the organization, leadership, and on board.
  • Promotion of Work/Life Balance – telecommuting policy, flexible work schedules, onsite childcare, subsidized childcare
  • Professional Development Opportunities – Implementation of mentoring programs, cohort groups, or affinity groups with the sole purpose of advancing and support female employees or initiatives that have tackled gender equity and inclusion with measurable analytics to explain the success including but not limited to: mentoring programs, professional networks, professional development events, tuition reimbursement, affinity groups
  • Company benefits – describe the benefits available to employees that promote the attraction and retention of women in your workforce. Examples (not limited to): maternity/paternity/caregiver leave; partial time off/vacation days; lactation and mother’s rooms; onsite medical facility, gym, gym membership reimbursement; wellness and wellbeing programs; healthy food options; LGBTQ supportive policies and programs 
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